Established in 1987, Quintessence has developed a reputation for producing high quality, informative and entertaining programmes. On the non-broadcast side, we have worked closely with clients in industry, commerce and government departments on the production of a diverse range of promotional, corporate communication, educational and training programmes.

Producing programmes for television establishes a precedent for high quality work, and we apply this standard to all our productions, irrespective of size, content or budget. From a small-scale internal presentation, to a major product launch or communication initiative, we personally research, listen and absorb information, developing a unique approach, specific to your communication needs and budget.

Equipped with HD camera and editing equipment, we can deliver your production on a media of your choice such as DVD, the web, mobile network and more.

Case Studies

In Pursuit of Excellence - BA

This recruitment and training DVD for cabin crew is one of several that we have produced for a variety of clients. We developed a modular DVD consisting of a day-in-the-life documentary, a brand values film and a film charting British Airways heritage.

New Identity - COI / Home Office

When the government proposed the introduction of a new identity card scheme, they commissioned us to produce a series of films to explain the rationale behind the scheme, demonstrate the technology involved and illustrate how the scheme would work.


Independent Financial Advisor Promotions commissioned us to produce a presenter-led DVD about the services they offer IFAs.