Quintessence Films has been producing work for television since Channel 4 commissioned our debut production, observational documentary "Brought Up On Oysters", in 1989. Since then we have produced single documentaries and series, history series, popular factual and drama.

We have been directly commissioned by Channel 4, ITV and BBC Wales and Quintessence directors have helmed programmes for BBC1, BBC2 and UKTV.

As poet William Cowper observed "Variety's the very spice of life" and we like to believe that our eclectic archive of past work is full of flavour, as are the ideas that we have in development!


"Brought Up On Oysters" - Pick of the Day, Daily Mail & London Evening Standard
"Director Robin Toyne peers through sea mists and quiet coves at a fading industry: Cornwall's oyster fishers who dredge the river Fal... Rich Cornish accents tell the sad tale."

"Forgotten Pilots" - TV Choice, Venue Magazine
"Troubled ITV West's daring mission to parachute quality documentaries into the hostile landscape of shite that is the network's early evening schedule continues with this fascinating new 3-parter on the unsung heroes of the Air Transport Auxiliary."

"Mrs Rosewarne: the Queen of Camborne" - TV Choice - Western Morning News
"A new phenomenon has been catching all the headlines in the South West in recent months... Mrs. Rosewarne: the Queen of Camborne" - Cornwall Today