Commissioned BBC West TX: 30/12/12

Self confessed weather enthusiast and BBC forecaster Ian Fergusson investigates the weather stories that have impacted on the West. From drought to deluge, not to mention the wettest June in 100 years, he explores what happened, examines why it happened and learns of the first hand effects on people across the West.

Other Credits

Other Quintessence documentaries include "Brought Up On Oysters" and "Celts for the Day" (Channel 4). Working in a freelance capacity, Quintessence directors have also helmed a polemical documentary by former president of RIBA George Ferguson on the shortcomings of British regeneration for the "Building Britain" (BBC1 & 2) season, a film on pigeon racing "The Poor Man's Racehorse" (TVS), a portrait of the people who work in London lost property offices "Lost But Not Forgotten" (ITV), and contributed films to "A Family of My Own" (BBC1), a series that explored the lives of carers, foster children and birth parents.