Forgotten Pilots

3 x 30' ITV, UKTV Yesterday

An award-winning three-part documentary about the extraordinary story of the ATA, a lesser known civilian air force of WWII, in which men, women and disabled pilots risked life and limb ferrying RAF and US military aircraft and supplies to frontline airfields.

Filmed to coincide with a season of films about the Second World War, we researched the story and tracked down and recorded the wartime memories of a dozen ATA pilots whose fiery independent spirit and confidence was still present 60 years on.

Other Credits

Working freelance, Quintessence directors are responsible for "Royals at War" for UKTV's "Spirit of 1940's" season," 2 episodes of "Building Wonders" (ITV West/BBC World), a series fronted by Julian Richards exploring history through iconic structures, and for "Bring On the Dancing Girls" (BBC1 South), a documentary on the indefatigable Betty Hockey, impresario and risque lead dancer of the Non-Stop Troop Show, commissioned as part of the "People's War" season.